Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry San Francisco, We Have A Slight Change of Plans

Originally posted by Pete Eyre at the main Liberty On Tour website

 KEENE, NH – Apologies to all y’all out in the San Fran Bay Area but after chewing on some options Adam and I decided to forgo our stop in your fair city. Our decision-making process went as follows:
  • After Boston, San Fran is one of the most-difficult cities in which to drive and park a 30′ RV
  • The drive from Denver (the stop prior to San Fran) is about 20hrs
  • We were proactively approached by people in Salt Lake City and Reno – manageable 8hr drives – to have meetups
  • If we stop in Salt Lake and Reno we could head south on the 5 and spend a couple of days in Bakersfield, where some of the locals that have sworn to “serve and protect” haven’t exactly been doing that (here and here)
  • Then we could spend a couple of days working from the greater LA area before heading down to sunny San Diego
It was a tough decision as we were really looking forward to being active with folks in and around San Fran, Oakland and San Jose but...(full post)

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