About L.O.T.

Liberty On Tour is a dynamic project of two friends, Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller, who are touring 13 cities in 13 weeks in their RV dubbed MARV while advancing a message of voluntaryism. Along the way they’ll interact with a wide variety of individuals at meetups and other events, cover timely stories and relevant historical incidents and cover/engage in local activism. They hope to be an educational resource and bridge between those new to the ideas of liberty and those already involved.

Pete Eyre is a voluntaryist activist. After studying law enforcement, he interned at the Cato Institute in foreign policy and defense in the spring of ’05, then that summer was a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance. For the next 2 1/2 years Pete worked at the Institute for Humane Studies, last serving as the director of the Campus Outreach program. He next spent just over a year at Bureaucrash where he worked to connect liberty-oriented activists, a position he left after co-founding the Motorhome Diaries in early 2009. When that project wrapped up he worked as an outreach consultant for the Future of Freedom Foundation and spent time in Keene as part of the Free State Project prior to hitting the road with Liberty On Tour.
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Adam Mueller is a voluntaryist activist who, through Cop Block, exposes the aggression committed by the government’s armed thugs for what it is. Mueller was born and raised in Wisconsin but recently relocated to New Hampshire; looking to settle near Keene, NH next spring.  In late 2001 Adam was arrested for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. It was a challenging time in his life and not only cost him friends but many of his liberties. Since then Adam has been increasingly active in the liberty movement, primarily advocating a voluntary society.
Adam decided to join Pete on Liberty On Tour because it combines so many things he loves; liberty, traveling, meeting new people, outreach, activism, taking video, blogging and more.  It’s also a really cool way to share ideas with others.  When not doing activism Adam enjoys a good game of poker, a beer and socializing with friends.
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MARV, the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle, is a 2000 Four Winds Hurricane that’s Pete and Adam’s vehicle, workspace and home. Owned outright by Pete, MARV traveled over 21,000 miles during the Motorhome Diaries and is in great shape for Liberty On Tour after receiving some TLC prior to hitting the road with Liberty On Tour.