Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Marc Emery!

Originally posted by Pete Eyre at the main Liberty On Tour website

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Last Saturday when on the Foundation for Economic Education property my bud Peter “Jaws” Jaworski – one smart, hardcore dude who’s the editor of the Western Standard (Canada’s online source for libertarian news and analysis) – took a few minutes to give an overview Marc Emery’s situation. Emery, an outspoken, entrepreneurial longtime pro-freedom activist, is being threatened with five years in a cage because he engaged in activities that some bureaucrats deem “illicit”.

As I pointed out near the end of the video, there is no victim for the actions he’s accused of doing. And where there’s no victim, there’s no crime.
Check out Emery’s and and please help get the word out...(full post)

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