Friday, August 20, 2010

Unmasked Knowledge

Originally posted by Pete Eyre at the main Liberty On Tour website

ST. LOUIS, MO – I’ve heard Tom Palmer say that libertarians (to which I’d expand to anarchists/voluntaryists) have the right ideas but we just need to become better marketers of those ideas. A few months back I watched a YouTube video about time management. Obviously the subject interested me, otherwise I wouldn’t be watching it, but admittedly it was a bit dry. So what kept me watching for almost 10 minutes? The person communicating his tips wore different animal masks while speaking. So, just when I’d be about to click away I’d wait to see what his next mask would be. And I’d continue to listen and learn.

That video had hundreds of thousands of views.

With Liberty On Tour Adam and I are trying to be experimental. We know we’ll do some things that won’t have any traction. Perhaps this is one of them. But we figure it’s worth a try. Especially because we believe these ideas are worth sharing. If it makes the rounds to those not-yet exposed to the ideas of liberty it will have been well worth it. If it doesn’t, we’ll learn and move on. But at least we’ll have tried.

The first video features our bud Brett Perry, who, along with Adam and I, is active on And, like some other libertarian activists, he also has a column through the Indianapolis Libertarian Examiner.

 In the second video I recite some of Robert Higgs‘ essay “The Siren Song of the State” posted over at I know some folks aren’t too fond of reading books or essays online but they may watch videos. Hopefully this is one way to share with them some good ideas.(read original post)

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