Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liberty On Tour to Kick Off in Less Than a Month… Are You On Board?

Originally posted by Adam Mueller at the main Liberty On Tour website

KEENE, NH – The past few weeks Pete and I have been working non-stop on the behind-the-scenes aspects of Liberty On Tour (LOT) – hashing out LOT’s schedule, nailing down point-people and meetup locations, rebranding MARV and giving him some TLC to ensure he’s road-worthy, establishing our online presence and of course communicating with potential advertisers.  Needless to say we’re excited to hit the road!

We’ve had several great organizations commit to our advertising packages (video below) including; Center for a Stateless Society, Advocates for Self-Government, Students For Liberty,, Freedom’s Phoenix, Foundation for Economic Education, and the Liberty Radio Network and have verbal agreements from many more. See our Advertisers page for more information on these orgs.

That’s why today we’re asking -  Are you on board?

There are 27 more days until we hit the road but we need to get advertisers nailed down by July 15th (we need time to get the graphics formatted, printed and adhered to MARV).  So watch the video below and contact us at libertyontour[at]gmail[dot]com if you or your organization/business/project is interested in teaming up with LOT.

If you do decide that LOT is a worthwhile investment for you...(full post)

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