Monday, July 19, 2010

Shire Silver Grabs a Mini Package!

Originally posted by Pete Eyre at the main Liberty On Tour website

KEENE, NH – Shire Silver, “a group of New Hampshire people who recognize that the use of silver as a currency is a very good thing”, that created and is distributing real, tangible silver and gold cards for goods/services, is now on-board as an advertiser!

Though still a relatively new, Shire Silver has already proliferated, as evident by its acceptance by the many vendors along Agorist Alley at the 2010 PorcFest. And personally, I’ve received and given Shire Silver a number of times for my own transactions since being here in the ‘shire.

Breaking from the fiat currency of FRNs, Shire Silver isn’t just commodity-backed currency but it has actual silver and gold in each card (for more on why this is important, check out Murray Rothbard’s slim and accessible What Has Government Done To Our Money.) And to help end the stranglehold of fiat currency and the centralized control over the economy, Shire Silver has open sourced their product by giving a step-by-step overview of how you can make your own currency.

Pretty innovative – Adam and I are happy to be representing Shire Silver...(full post)

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