Thursday, July 15, 2010

First ‘Mini Package’ Goes to “My Country My Ass” by John Ringer

Originally posted by Adam Mueller at the main Liberty On Tour website

Keene, NH -  John Ringer is upset with how elected officials are running things into the ground and he’s also a song writer.  So he decided to combine his skill with his passion to fight the system and made a song.   John told the Libertarian News Examiner this on how he came up with the song, My Country My Ass:
“A few years ago I was watching football, and a truck commercial came on, and the commercial used John Mellencamp’s song ‘My Country.’ It showed various wholesome, proud, apple pie images of an idealized America, and it made me think – one – “What country do they think they live in? It’s not the one I live in, and – two – oh great, the vast herd of American sheep are going to see this commercial and continue to believe all that grade school brainwashing they received about truth, justice and the American way.”

And then he said to himself, “My Country my ass. I should write a song making fun of that song.”

John is now on a mission...(full post)

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